Pets In The City–St. Pete
111 2nd Ave NE, Suite 113
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Hurricane Irma Preparedness

The staff at Pets In The City would like to provide the following information in readiness for any potential impact from Hurricane Irma.

Pet Care Tips

Pets In The City will be closed beginning Friday and will reopen when it is safe to do so. Please come as soon as possible to pick up your pets’ medication.

Do not overly coddle your pets in an effort to reassure them during a storm. You may inadvertently cause them more anxiety due to the unusual amount of attention. Let your pets take refuge in a comfortable crate, an interior room, or a room with closed curtains, with music at normal volume.

Do not leave your pets at home if you must evacuate. Arrange for a safe refuge for your pets if you cannot locate a hurricane shelter that accepts animals. These may include boarding kennels, animal shelters, and friends or relatives. Please call ahead to ensure they will accept your pets.

If you evacuate with your pets and you have a “Please rescue my pets” sign on your home, and if time allows, write “EVACUATED” across the sticker so that rescue workers do not spend valuable time looking for pets that are not really there.

Pet Hurricane Kit

• Make sure they have identification. A collar and tag is always a good idea, but these could come off or get lost. Microchipping is a safe, affordable way to make sure your pet always has i.d.
• Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines and you have access to these records. Shelters or hotels often require this.
• Veterinary records
• Pet carrier
• Food supply for at least 2 weeks (along with a manual can opener if needed)
• Bottled water
• Food and water bowls
• Leash
• A month’s supply of any needed medications and instructions on how to administer it
• A photo of your pet
• A favorite toy or blanket
• Disposable litter tray
• Litter or paper towels
• Soap and disinfectant
• Disposable garbage bags
• Flashlight

Pet-Friendly Hurricane Shelters

• Oak Grove Middle School, 1370 S. Belcher Road, Clearwater
• John Hopkins Middle School, 701 16th Street S. St. Petersburg
• Dunedin Middle School, 70 Patricia Ave., Dunedin

These shelters require that you register ahead of time due to limited availability.

St. Petersburg Veterinarians

A Downtown St. Petersburg Vet and Pet Concierge

Pets In The City–St Pete is an animal clinic in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The heart of St. Petersburg is growing and is proud to be considered one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. We established Pets In The City because we wanted to be part of the excitement! Our central location makes pet care easy and accessible to everyone in the area. We offer a variety of caring medical services that range from corrective to preventive, and we treat most animals, including exotic species of birds and reptiles. Our services are scheduled, but we also offer emergency services without an appointment to make sure your pets are given the proper care they deserve.

A Special Kind of Place

We are not just another typical animal hospital or veterinarian’s office. The ‘Services’ area of our website describes what we provide in more detail, but we offer services from routine wellness checkups to dental care to “beauty” services, such as our Pet Spa and Grooming Salon. Our pet clinic and devoted staff focus on overall animal wellness, deliver personal care services, and even provide dog day care, all of which set us apart from many other pet wellness centers in the veterinary field.

We treat your pets with advanced medical care and offer measures to prevent potential health problems in the future. We empower our staff to go above and beyond the commitment to educate you in the best care for your pet, and to help you customize a treatment or prevention plan according to each individual’s needs.

Pet Life in the City

Our day care services are available for those who want to drop off their pets while they work, shop, or dine during the day, and we provide an exciting place for your pets to play in a clean, closely-supervised environment. Your dogs also have the opportunity to enjoy a state-of-the-art bathing tub, and then to strut their stuff downtown after visiting our experienced groomers.

You may also choose to take advantage of our concierge service, provided to assist our downtown residents, where we can pick up your pets and return them to your door after their visit with us. We endeavor to shatter the common notion of what an animal clinic should be, and to create a life experience for pets that combines love for animals, great health, and a fun new vibe!

Read more about how Pets In The City came about

Professional and Dedicated Veterinarians and Veterinary Support Staff

Veterinarians at PITC St Petersburg FL 33701Pets In The City was created by Mark Scribano, D.V.M., who has 28 years of veterinary care experience. Dr. Scribano knows and understands the active lifestyle of St. Petersburg locals, which is why he established Pets In The City — with busy pet owners in mind.

We have a highly-educated, trained, and accommodating veterinary staff. Our veterinarians and animal care attendants are committed to providing the best and most compassionate pet healthcare possible. Whether your pet is here for medical care, grooming, or dog day care, our enthusiastic vet and support staff are dedicated to improving the life of your pet.

For your convenience, please consider also visiting our sister practice, Northeast Animal Hospital, which is located at 1401 4th Street North, also in St. Petersburg, and established for over 40 years. Both of our practices work diligently to improve our local outreach and to provide you with professional business services, including exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and the most competent veterinarians in the field. We are devoted to taking care of pets (and their owners too!).

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