Our Sister St. Petersburg Animal Hospital | Northeast Animal Hospital

Pets In The City St Pete and Northeast Animal Hospital St. Petersburg | A Mutual Synergy

Northeast Animal Hospital | An Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg FL 33704

Northeast Animal Hospital | St Pete FL 33704

Even though, our primary focus at Pets In The City St Pete is geared toward Wellness and Preventative medical care for our patients. This does not mean that Pets In The City St Pete is limited in the care that it can provide. At Pets In The City St Pete, our goal is to keep it simple and still be able to provide the same professional care, for the more complicated or serious cases, as any other animal hospital in St. Petersburg, FL.

How do we do that? Simply by pooling resources with an outstanding near by St. Petersburg animal hospital, Northeast Animal Hospital.

Because of the our relationship and proximity to  Northeast Animal Hospital, plus our concierge service, there in no case coming into Pets In The City St Pete that cannot be handled.  Why duplicate the supplies, staff and equipment required when there is the convenience of a Northeast Animal Hospital. Think of Northeast Animal Hospital as the Bayfront Hospital for pets in St. Petersburg. Also, your Pets In The City St Pete veterinarian will be able to continue care at Northeast Animal Hospital.

Like we have stated before, Pets In The City St Pete is a new and unique concept in providing compassionate and quality professional veterinary pet health care.