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How to Find a Best Friend—The Pet Adoption Process

By October 3, 2016Benefits of Having a Pet

Loyal and loving pets aren’t only to be found in pet stores as puppies and kittens. If you want a new pet, please consider shelter or rescue pet adoption. Often, older animals already have some training and experience, and they still have a lot of love to give! If you want to consider adoption, here is a summary of the process that you can expect. You will find the process is not much different than buying from a pet shop.

Do research on breeds to find out which ones are compatible with your lifestyle. Things to consider are: How active are you?  How much are you at home? Do you have children and how old are they? Also, is the breed you want acceptable to your landlord?

If you wish, go online to Humane Society of Pinellas, Pinellas County Animal Services, or other local pet adoption websites to view available pets. If you find a pet you would like to meet, make a note of the animal ID to make the process easier. Keep in mind that pets you find online may not be available when you visit the adoption center. Some centers operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Go to the shelter or adoption center to meet your chosen pet. Take your entire family to help ensure the pet will get along with everyone before you adopt. If you’re adopting a dog, and you already own a dog, consider taking him/her with you too.

Ask the shelter staff lots of questions about the pet you want to adopt. The staff is likely aware of the animal’s temperament, character traits, likes and dislikes, and so forth. Also, be aware that some centers may have special offers for senior citizens, veterans, and those with special needs.

Complete the adoption application and, if approved, pay the applicable fees. The shelter’s website may have a downloadable version of the application, so you can see what documentation you may need. The website will also explain the available services and fees. Keep in mind that Northeast Animal Hospital offers a free wellness exam for adopted pets within 2 weeks of their adoption.

Finally, bring your new pet home and enjoy the love! Be patient during your pet’s adjustment period. Remember, you can find helpful information on caring for your pet on our VetTeam Blog. Also, our website has valuable online videos about pet care.

We wish you success on the adoption of your new best friend!