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Trick Your Dog with Healthy Treats

By October 28, 2015Information

In the theme of Halloween, let’s consider some tricks with treats. I encourage playing with your furry friends and giving them treats they love. The trick is to make no exception; they should always be healthy. My pets are happier and healthier because we “tricked” them into loving healthy treats by finding some that taste good. It’s not just a matter of avoiding the processed varieties. We choose treats that enhance joints, skin, and heart health…including fruits and vegetables. Even a little cooked meat is okay for some. If our only choice is give our pets unhealthy treats or no treats at all, guess what we will choose?

Pets age at a much faster rate than people, therefore we have a greater responsibility to provide exercise and proper nutrition. I think we would agree that the more successful we are at exercise and nutrition, the less medication we administer and the happier we all can be (both monetarily and medically). Nothing should be more valuable to me than my health and the health of my family—including our animals. So, with the help of my family, we have replaced table scraps and unhealthy treats with tasty and healthy selections. This Halloween, consider tricks for treats…good tasting, healthy ones!