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St. Petersburg Pet Services


Routine Wellness

One size does not fit all when it comes to preventative care.

At Pets in the City–St Pete animal hospital, we will tailor a program specifically for you and your pet.

There are many factors such as activity level, how much time your pet spends alone and if they interact with other animals, as well as feeding habits that help us determine the best preventative care program for your pet.

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Dentistry at Animal Hospital in St Petersburg FL 33701


Maintaining your pet’s health includes good dental hygiene, one of our most important measures at our Pets In The City animal hospital.

It is rare that a  pet will remind you to brush his or her teeth every night, and that is why dentistry from one of our Pets In The City veterinarians is so important.

Your pooch’s or kitty’s bad breath could mean potential damage to teeth and gums or even life-threatening organ damage.

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Vaccination by Young Veterinarian in St. Petersburg Fl 33701

Protective Vaccinations

Very important in preventing disease is a proper vaccination protocol that is designed for each pet.

Our vaccination program takes into consideration each pet’s age and lifestyle, so only the needed vaccinations are given. Vaccinations, properly given, are extremely important in preventing some very serious and potential diseases from occurring in our pets and in some instances, spreading to humans.

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Kids with their pet at the veterinary doctor

Parasite Control

At Pets In The City animal hospital, we are bullish about controlling and eliminating parasites.

The three main areas you need to be concerned about in our semi-tropic St. Petersburg Florida climate are heartworms, intestinal parasites and those pesky fleas.

All three are potential health care risks for pets in this area.

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Day Care at PITC St Pete Animal Hospital in St Petersburg FL

Dog Day Care

Want to go shopping, need to go to work or want to dine out at one of the many downtown St. Petersburg restaurants, but leaving your pet alone is may be a problem?

At our animal hospital, Pets In The City, we have a solution. Just bring your pet to our Pets In The City Day Care, or we can even pick your pet up and you can relax.

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Our beautiful, state of the art grooming salon, located within Pets In The City animal hospital, is staffed by patient, gentle, and loving groomers with decades of experience.

We understand that a day at the spa for some pets may not be the most relaxing experience, and we strive to create grooming sessions that are positive, caring, and as stress free as possible.

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