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As in humans, many animals suffer from allergies. Our St. Petersburg veterinarians are well aware of this very common problem and have the expertise to diagnose and provide needed relief. Allergies may cause coughing, scratching, skin inflammation, chewing and face rubbing. Hair loss can also occur. A rash is a common sign of a skin allergy and can lead to actual bacterial skin infections.

The best way to diagnose an allergic problem is through allergy testing. Once an allergen is confirmed, then a treatment protocol can be developed which may include medications, antibiotics, prescription diets and/or immunotherapy. No matter what the cause, at Pet In The City St Pete animal hospital, we will recommend the best plan of action to provide relief for your pet.


There are many things that can adversely affect a pet’s skin. One of which of course are allergies. However, a pet’s skin can have a many problems, which can include hair loss, parasites, growths, fungal disease, such as ringworm, and bacterial infections. Our veterinarians at Pets In The City–St Pete, will use a number of diagnostic tools including skin scrapes, skin cytology, biopsies and dermatophyte tests to help us determine the cause. Once the cause is determined, the veterinarian will prescribe the most effective medications and treatments to treat your pet’s skin problem.