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Routine Wellness

Wellness Examination at aSt Peterburg Animal Hospital

There are two ways to resolve health issues in your pet: preventative measures and corrective measures. Preventative measures are always easier to achieve because they stop health problems before they even occur. Corrective measures are always a little harder on your pet because the damage is already done. Though our highly skilled veterinarians are specialists in all-around pet care, including corrective health measures, we also provide routine pet wellness checkups for pets in St. Petersburg. We want to ensure that your pet always remains healthy. Our trained staff will be able to look over any of your pet’s potential health-related problems and offer solutions to prevent complicated conditions in the future.

At Pets In The City, we “Cater to Cats.” That means whenever you bring your cat for a routine wellness exam, you receive 20% off bloodwork!

Our Preventative Care Measures

One size does not fit all when it comes to preventative care. At Pets in the City, we will tailor a program specifically to you which will accommodate your pet’s needs and lifestyle. There are many factors that we consider when checking over your pet at an overall wellness visit. Some of these include your pet’s activity level, how much time your pet spends alone, how much time your pet associates with other animals, and your pet’s feeding habits and diet. By looking at these different factors, we can identify risk factors for certain breeds and life stages to help prevent them. We can detect diseases or problems early and determine the best and most timely preventative care program for your pet.

We evaluate these different factors by a series of routine wellness checks within a visit, including some of the following:

  • Biannual examinations
  • Individualized vaccination protocols based on your pet’s needs
  • Parasite management to keep both your pets and your family healthy
  • Blood chemistry screening to detect and start treating issues early
  • Dietary considerations to help prevent obesity and keep pets active and happy

Based on your pet’s dental and intestinal health, vaccination schedule, and overall fitness, we can recommend specific dietary changes, exercise regimes, and medications that will give your pet a longer, higher quality life. Our veterinary staff will take the time to listen to your concerns, as well and provide you with the best information and care possible. Pets in the City educates pet owners on preventative care because we know great veterinary care actually begins in the home. We want you to enjoy as much time with your pet as possible, which means knowing how to help address your pet’s everyday health needs.

Scheduling Your Pet’s Routine Wellness Visit

We recommend that you take your pet to see a veterinarian for a wellness checkup twice each year and perhaps more frequently if your pet has been known to have health problems in the past. We can help pet owners who are both busy and worried about the costs of veterinary services. We have a convenient concierge service where we can pick up and drop off your pets for their examinations, and our prices are very competitive for the area. When you schedule your pet’s checkup with us, you are getting the best veterinary service for the best value. Keeping your pet healthy in St. Petersburg has never been easier. Call to set up a routine checkup with us today and together we can help prevent health issues from occurring in your pet.